Just some quick thoughts jotted down while trying wines.

An exercise in not taking life too seriously.

Not in chronological order -- because .. how boring would that be?

Last Updated : November 11 2017 (Honig : Cabernet Sauvignon - 2014)

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Alamos : Malbec - 2016 I completely forgot that I was supposed to be reviewing this and have been quitely drinking it while listening to some Blue oyster Cult for the last 30 minutes. It's pretty good.

Alamos : Red Blend - 2014 I was thinking about how much the idea of a red blend appeals to me. It seems to be how red wine is meant to be. Just red wine, nothing fancy. A perfect wine for a normal evening. Midway through thinking about this I interrupted myself by taking a sip. Whoa : oil, cinder, dark dark dark. Rich and dark and bitter. I was expecting something different, but looking over my other wine reviews -- maybe all red wine tastes the same? I'm starting to seriously wonder if I might in fact not have a glowing future in the wine review business. Overall this wine was decent. Would probably buy again.

Apothic : Dark - Red Blend Long time readers of the wine blog will know that darker wines are always better. This is the darkest of wines. Dark is even part of the name. Obviously it is amazing.

Baron Herzog : Cabernet Sauvignon - 2014 I picked this wine to celebrate the end of 2016 because it was the only wine I had with a price tag on it ($13.65), so it's probably the fanciest wine in my collection. I'm not that into it. It would probably be great with a meal, but its not the kind of wine that I enjoy drinking by itself. Maybe I'm just not that into Cabs ? 2016 was alright though -- . I expect 2017 to be no less interesting

Beringer Founders' Estate : Merlot Apparently when I'm looking for wine, the words "Founder's Estate" are what's important. Does that mean that the grapes were grown on the original owner's lawn? Does he know about it, or are they like sneaking in at night and stealing them? Either way I am excited to be a part of it. Wine is .. I don't know, what do I usually say? Dark? Yup it's dark. OK. Done.

Beringer Founders' Estate : Sauvignon Blanc - 2013 I'm starting to wonder if all Beringer bottles say "Founder's Estate". Boy they tricked me good if that was the case. This is a white wine I bought because I thought the label was a cool color (silver-grey). I don't have a dedicated wine fridge, so I just turned the thermostat down a couple degrees in the house. Pretty much the same thing I think. The wine was pretty good actually. Maybe I'll get into bottling wine. I wonder if the porch of my townhouse is big enough to qualify as an estate.

Beringer Founders' Estate : Smooth Red Blend I tried this after eating an anise flavored candy. Tastes like black licorice (the candy ,I have no idea what the wine tasted like). Pairs well with the hopeless kind of sensation that you can only get from a long meeting. Edit - gave it four hours for the anise taste to dissapate. Wine taste has improved dramatically. dark. peppery. wonderful. Edit 2 - 24 hours later. Taste continues to get better now that I've had a day to scrape the anise off out of my mouth. Amazing

Bogle Vineyards : Essential Red - 2014. Great. Dark, rich, but not overly bitter. Pairs well with "We Love Reggae" By Noiseshaper

Bogle Vineyards : Old Vine Zinfandel - 2014. I'm writing this from my covered porch while a light rain falls in front of me. A quiet porch where you can sit and have a drink in peace is one of those small things that I really enjoy. The wine is decent, but did not really stand out to me.

Camina: Verdejo - 2016 I am enjoying this wine quite a bit. In general I think I've underestimated white wines. A clean and gentle start with a very crisp finish.

Colores Del Sol : Malbec 2015 Reserva I need to test whether my Ansible deployment script for this website is still working, so it is time to review another wine. I was initially wondering if "Colores Del Sol" was the name of the wine, but then I looked over the other wines I reviewed and realized that naming wines is apparently not a thing. Why are wines just [company name]+[varietal]? Boring!! I initally thought the writing on the back was all in Spanish, but nope -- I'm just dumb. I did not taste the tobacco notes that the bottle suggested. Maybe it is because I don't smoke cigars anymore. Definitely drinkable, but pretty high on the bitter scale.

Dark Horse : Zinfandel 2015 "The Original" is printed above the company name. Not sure if that is part of the company name, or if it is referring to the wine, or ? It also states that it is a "limited release". That seemed hard to believe, but I checked their website and the Zin was not listed. I hope I didn't grab the last bottle -- it was great.

Faisao : Vihno Verde 2015 This is a sparkling 'rosada' (i can't be bothered to do the English version, as it has an accent mark) wine from Portugal. I aquired it from a local beer house after downing several excellent german beers. I'm not sure if that is the normal distribution method for this kind of wine or not. I'm torn between describing it as sweet or dry. I guess it is very lightly sweet. Pretty good.

Fetzer : Pinot Noir (?) So.. this bottle of wine does not have a year on it. I'm not sure what to make of that. I also note that in small print it states that the wine was imported from Chile and bottled by Fetzer. I don't mind drinking wine from other countries as well, but I usually like to be aware of that fact when I'm buying the bottle. Hmm you win this round Fetzer. Wine is sweeter than I was expecting, but good

First & Local : Red Wine - 2013 I tried to google the winery, but I'm starting to think it doesn't exist. I'm starting to think Total Wine (store) pulled a fast one on me and completely made this winery up. huh. well its pretty decent. I wouldn't get it on purpose again, but it's not bad.

Gnarly Head : Authentic Black - 2014 Wow. Just incredible. When I saw this at the grocery store I was blown away. Gnarly Head has come up with another wine that is absolutely perfect for this blog. Here at the openmarmot wine blog we care about one thing, and that is really really dark wine. I'm starting to think some one at the store is just printing up these labels for my benefit. The wine was great. Just really great. Absolutely made my night.

Gnarly Head : Authentic Red - 2014 "Bold. Sophisticated. With a hint of gnarly." That's both the description from the back of the bottle, and the new title for my autobiography. I'm also adding it to my dating profile. I mostly bought this just to see if I everything Gnarly Head makes is great. And.. yup, it is.

Gnarly Head : Black Old Vine Zin - 2015 this was super amazing. Buy a case next time. The bottle says pair with BBQ ribs, spicy sausage, or beef stew. I wish I had all of those things. Fortunately it also pairs well with mixed nuts and Bob's Burgers.

Gnarly Head : 1924 Limited Edition Double Black Red Blend Wow. I mean do I even need to say anything? A wine described as "Double Black". Wow. Stunning. I can only assume that Gnarly Head is a fan of the blog and created this one for us. Cheers!

Grifone : Bianco Wow this is bright. It starts out super mild and then bam! blech! Citrus! Good if you are looking for something to wake you up. I rarely am.

Honig : Cabernet Sauvignon - 2014 This came in a 375 ml bottle (12.6 oz) and i bought it 1/2 off at $12 USD, so it is probably the most expensive wine that I've reviewed to date. Honestly it is hard to stay impartial - this bottle is super cool. The wine is super good though. Would buy again (at 1/2 off)! :)

Il Duca Imeriale : Cardinal Red - American Sweet Red This wine really suprised me. I was expecting something that was a bit of a change from the Zins that make up most of my stock at the moment, but this was thick and sweet. Obviously I didn't read the label when I bought it and failed to read it again until after I took a sip. I'm not really that into sweet reds, but as far as those go this does seem to be an excellent example of the type. Very thick, sweet, but not overpowering.

Jebediah Drinkwell's Meritage Red Wine Wikipedia did not have an entry on "Jebediah Drinkwell". I'm not sure what I was expecting. Jebediah seems to be a fabrication of Trader Joe's. Hopefully this is the last time I buy a wine based on how big of a beard the guy on the label has. Gross!

Monkey Bay : Sauvignon Blanc - 2016 Look, it might just be left over exuberance from the wonderful feeling of being super smart because I bought a bottle with a twist off top and didn't have to deal with a stupid cork, but this wine is amazing. I am really starting to wonder if I like whites better than reds.

Old Zin Vines : Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel - 2014 The cork was so tight in the bottle that I broke off a chunk of glass when I was getting it out. My immediate thought was that I need to start buying harder wine bottles. I tried to google whether glass was harder than steel, but didn't get any answers in the first four pages. If I had Larry Page's number I'd ask him to get a team on it. I guess what I really need is softer glass. I'd rather have the bottle deform than splinter. I wonder why wine isn't sold in aluminum bottles. Probably something to do with the French. Speaking of the wine -- eh. It's decent I guess.

Padrillos : Malbec - 2016 There are horses on the bottle. Maybe that's what "Padrillos" means? I guess I'll never know because I'm not looking it up. Wine is .. mild ? IDK. The bottle is this kind of baby blue that just isn't doing it for me.

Primal Roots : Red Blend - 2015 I've been on a bit of a red blend kick lately. I guess reviewing all of those Zins left me wanting something a bit different. My washer stopped working earlier today half way through a rinse cycle. I was able to get it started again somehow (I didn't do anything), and I doubled down by putting in another load. Doubling down always pays off. You'll find that out once I get around to publishing my stock market blog. Back on topic - this wine is great.

Ruffino : Pinot Grigio - 2016 I'm drinking this while listening to a men's A Cappella group singing "Misty Mountains" (the dwarven chant from "The Hobbit". Wow. Amazing. Great song, great wine. I don't tend to buy a lot of imported wine, but this one happens to be from Italy. I am very much enjoying it.

Scarpetta : Pinot Grigio - 2015 eh. Very clean and crisp, but it is dry for my tastes. I shared a bottle of it a month or so back, and seemed to enjoy it more then. It has a twist off top, which is nice. I wish all wines did that.

Tangley Oaks : Merlot - 2015 I just did my taxes and got absolutely savaged. Completely wrecked. Utterly ruined. Wholey pounded. I dare venture to say that Uncle Sam has done the Brits proud. In order to celebrate another year of strong taxation I've decided to crack open a bottle of the most British sounding wine in my collection : Tangley Oaks. The back label goes on at length, I didn't read it. No doubt it has some good bits about the right to tax tea shipments to the colonies. As for the wine, I think I'll be pouring it out into the harbor.

Torrediluna : Pinot Grigio - 2016 Absolutely fantastic wine. It is pairing well with the cod I am having for dinner and the insane pain in my right shoulder (damaged something working out). With any luck drinking several more glasses will make the pain go away. I wish I had more cod. Excellent!

Tusk 'N Red : Red Wine - 2013 I like the name. Unfortunately it was gross. Just kinda unpleasant like an old honeydew melon that you fished out of a dumpster. I keep pouring more into my glass thinking that I am missing something - but no. blech.

Upper Eden : Pinot Noir - 2014 I think this is my first Pinot Noir, so I hit up the wikipedia page for the varietal. That somehow led me to the wikipedia page for the movie "Sideways", which is about 40 year old men having sex with waitresses. That age is a bit ahead of me yet, but it sounds like it will be interesting. The wine was good and the label was a nice mix of light blues that I found to be rather soothing.