Just having some fun trying different beers.

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Newest Review : Weihenstephaner : Hefeweissbier (Reviewed March 2018)

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Bell's Christmas Ale Eh. It's a scotch ale. I've never liked those

Coronado Brewing Co. : Guava Islander Tropical IPA (Reviewed Feb 12 2018) Look I know I've been really railing on hoppy beers lately, but this IPA is an exception. Honestly I think I'm just a sucker for good marketing. The can looks good, sounds good, and the beer tastes good. It's a really relaxing beer. :)

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. : 805 (Reviewed Feb 2018) I'm not sure what an 805 is, or even what type of beer this is. It's pretty mild - some kind of golden ale? Kind of an odd aftertaste. Maybe it's a bit old. ehhhh would not try again.

Marble : Double White (Reviewed Feb 2018) Very good Belgian style wheat ale. It has a very pretty white/gold color. A great beer for a hot day. Definitely a hard hitter at 7% a/v.

Odell : IPA (Reviewed Feb 2018) The can proudly states "ready to buck convention? we took the traditional IPA and made it bolder and more flavorful". So they added hops. Like everyone does. To every IPA. Yup. That being said -- it is pretty decent. Not so bitter that it is undrinkable like a lot of beers these days.

Saint Archer : Pale Ale (Reviewed Feb 11 2018) I used to like pale ales. Somewhere along the line I got a bit burnt out on hops. I always forget how hoppy American Pale Ales are. Would probably pair well with some tonic water and a lime because it tastes like gin.

Schofferhofer : Hefeweizen Grapefruit Bier (Reviewd March 2018) I bought a six pack of this because of it's bright orange color. It turns out that it is colored with beta-carotene, but I don't mind, I like a colorful drink. It is 50% beer and 50% grapefruit juice, so it is really easy to drink. Very good.

Sunup : Bearded Blonde (Reviewed Feb 2018) Man this went great with a ham and cheese hotpocket. seems a little hoppy for a blonde, but thats how everything is these days.

Young's : Double Chocolate Stout (Reviewed Feb 13 2018) I always thought 'chocolate' referred to the color of the grains used in the mash, but the can says 'brewed with real chocolate and natural chocolate flavor'. I'm not sure I can taste the chocolate exactly .. but there is something there. Overall it is a pretty good beer, and one of the few non-irish stouts that I have enjoyed.

Weihenstephaner : Hefeweissbier (Reviewed March 2018) Mmm. I just took a sip and let out the most relaxing sigh. What a great beer. I really like wheat beers, especially yeasty ones like this one. I think it is best enjoyed out of the bottle, where you can swirl around the last ounce and get all the yeast. Great!